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Gift card Your photo & Little box

Gift card for the package “YOUR photo + Little box window”. You send your digital photo in HD. Includes: print of YOUR photo + picture frame + 4 miniature accessories chosen by Mlle Louison in the universe of your choice + handmade and made-to-measure framing.


eCard for your package "your recent or old photo + personalised photo frame in a wooden frame, miniature photo window frame" sent by email OR gift card presented in a pretty "Mademoiselle Louison" packaging ready to offer sent to your address (invoice address).

If you wish, you can mention to us, in the "additional information" section at the time of payment, the first name of the person to whom you are offering it & the message you wish to send him/her.

Gift session card "Your photo & Little box" = print of your photo sent digitally + wooden window frame + 4 miniature objects chosen by Mlle Louison from the universe of your choice + handmade personalised "window" effect frame.

All the details of the frames here: the Mademoiselle Louison showcases

Do you want to project yourself? INSTAGRAM @mlle.louison

And for any question or particularity, just one email contact@mllelouison.com