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A Photographer who vibrates for your portraits!


I am Marion alias Mlle Louison and I decided to change my life in 2019 by fulfilling one of my dreams: making photo portraits in period costumes and outfits.

I love revealing your personalities by wearing them.

First and foremost, I want you to have a good time.

I spread good humor at each session.

I decided to make a photo studio “at home” so that you would feel “cocooned” as “at home”.

I advocate natural portraiture.

My gaze will always be gentle and joyful, attentive to the details that make you feel good.

At Mademoiselle Louison, there is joy, laughter, surprises and a lot of kindness.

You can choose to do a session at my place or in the streets of Paris.

Outdoors, you also have the option of doing a classic photo shoot without a costume.

Over time, everyone finds their place and enjoys photo portraits in vintage or non-vintage costumes.

Life in the past and today inspires Mademoiselle Louison’s productions.

And like a soft melody of the sessions, the values of the studio float in the air. Determination, solidarity, love, teamwork, authenticity, details, collaboration and joy give the “tuning note”!

A Photographer with a lot of self-deprecation!

Photo shoots for retro portraits in vintage 1900s outfits in Belle Epoque style self-portrait

Mademoiselle Louison knew how to put us at ease with a lot of kindness and humour while keeping her professional eye to make a success of the photo that we won’t get anywhere else, because she has a real talent!