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A retro 1900 photo studio by a woman!

The story of the Mademoiselle Louison photo workshop is the path of a woman who likes to exchange, share and glitter her encounters. A retro 1900 photo studio driven by the desire to make people happy, to dare female entrepreneurship, to make do with the existing and the old, to contribute a little to everyone’s pleasure.

From her young age, she has a taste for staging, costumes and photography. Throughout her studies and her professional experiences, she enriches her creative and communicative nature.

In 2019: she decides to bring together photography, her love of vintage outfits and her curiosity for the « Belle Epoque » time.

« Mademoiselle Louison – L’atelier 1900 » is born!


Photo shoots for retro portraits in vintage 1900s outfits in Belle Epoque style self-portrait


A retro 1900 photo studio open to all with the desire to make you feel confident, to make you smile in these elegant outfits from another time.

At Mademoiselle Louison, there is joy, laughter, surprises and a lot of kindness.

Everyone finds his or her place and enjoysportrait photos in vintagecostumes.

The life of yesteryear and today inspire Mademoiselle Louison’s productions.

And like a soft melody of the sessions, the values of the studio float in the air. Determination, solidarity, love, teamwork, authenticity, details, collaboration and joy give the “tuning note”!

Miss Louison’s values

Mademoiselle Louison knew how to put us at ease with a lot of kindness and humour while keeping her professional eye to make a success of the photo that we won’t get anywhere else, because she has a real talent!