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A Harry Potter photo activity in Paris
2 April 2022

In 2022, I want to take you on my magic broom of the Belle Époque by (re)explaining each type of session. I begin by choosing the world of children, which is freshness itself. They are unvarnished and are the best feedback you can get. They test your patience, empathy and true understanding of the other as a photo model. Welcome to Mademoiselle Louison’s retro “magic” photo shootto offer your children a “Harry Potter” activity in Paris.

Close your eyes: you are at Hogwarts

Every fan of the world of the young man with the scar wants, at one time or another, to don the cloak of one of the Hogwarts houses or to imagine closing their eyes to make a pensieve. Every fan of the world of the young man with the scar wants, at one time or another, to don the cloak of one of the Hogwarts houses or to imagine closing their eyes to make a pensieve.

In addition to an Escape Game or a Life-Size that he could do on the theme of the Hogwarts Express regulars, the retro “magic” photo session that I propose is a way of acting. At ease in my studio nest, the children are dressed in retro “magic” outfits from the world of a thousand wands, and they leave with photo portraits as souvenirs, and for life.

You don’t have a hole in a cardboard set, no, you really have the white and grey uniform, the stick, the tie and even the scarf. Welcome to the “Harry Potter Paris” activity!

Hedwige can even be part of one of the pictures because she has taken up residence in the Belle Epoque studio Mademoiselle Louison.

Children need action so their eyes open quickly. With or without round glasses, pupils excited, the apprentice sorcerer acts, brandishes his wand and pronounces the famous formula Wingardium Leviosa.

A “Harry Potter” activity in the heart of Paris

We all love the immersive experience and the souvenir photo after leaving a museum or theme park. It’s as if we were still there, with a cliché engraved to decorate our photo albums. We are all attracted by the idea of putting ourselves in the shoes of our favourite heroes and heroines.

Play is in our DNA, a childhood moment that many adults try to preserve over the years. Pier 9 3/4 enthusiastsrepeat tests to find out their favourite house – Gryffondor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin; so Mademoiselle Louison’s retro studio had to put at their disposal the famous Sorting Hat !

Sitting in the studio’s retro Thonet-style chair, the youth’s heart races as he announces the chosen house.

Pensieve Moment

I’m at the show every time and I never tire of capturing these vibrant moments for my models approaching the 11 year old debut of the hero Harry.

I can even tell you that I do the test regularly and it boosts my day! The head in the Sorting Hat and the suitcase at the foot: the Paris of today is far away!

Seeing yourself in pictures in Hogwarts settings

I decided to be a glitter potion witch! A shot of camera here, a shot of powder there, and here is my carpet twirling under the poses of happy and willing children. At the end of the session, the young talent can look at his/her photos at home and choose 5 of them. His portraits will even be inlaid in magical settings not known to Muggles!

And as every fan has his own set, the studio will of course welcome his model with all his accessories if he wishes. While the wizard is practising his retro photo modelskills, I even take care to welcome and make the nanny, cousin, brother or sister who accompanies the model wait in the salon.

The music is always at its best, so you can feel your wings grow as you enter the Great Hall of the castle. You close your eyes and imagine the candles floating in the starry sky. Many of us, young and old, want to relive the “Harry Potter” activity in Paris by getting up close and personal with the adventures of the enchanting saga of multiple mysteries. What could be better than to have the photo album as if we were in the middle of the shooting… but in Paris!

New “Harry Potter” activity in Paris for kids

Every parent likes to see their child dreaming and enjoying experiences that involve, listen to and value them. With the ‘Retro Session’ Magic by Mademoiselle Louison, your offspring will spend an hour in my company where I will take the time to dress them, listen to their own anecdotes about their enthusiasm for H.P., Hermione, Ron and other Hogwarts boarders. We will imagine ourselves together in situations and settings within his reach. He or she has a thousand possibilities to see each other or to want to see each other, and I always remain very attentive to his or her desires. I ask him to help me on the projectors with the well known Lumos formula!

A bottle of love elixir is one of the objects we found on the road. I think I drink a few drops every day! I am madly in love with the adventures that the retro studio allows by opening up the portraits to the fantasy worlds that have that sublimated retro charm. I feel like Sybille Trelawney, professor of Divination at the School of Witchcraft, revealing your portraits from another time with my crystal ball camera.

The “Harry Potter” sessions revisited by Mademoiselle Louison definitely mark the beginning of a beautiful story between the fantasy worlds and the retro studio.

Reveal the 1900 within you!



Mademoiselle Louison invites you into her private studio in the heart of Paris and dresses you up with vintage outfits and accessories from the Belle Époque.
Dressed as in 1900, you will experience the portraitsof yesteryear with serious and amusing stagings.
A personalised photo souvenir to make on your own, in a group, as a duo or as a family.